Various manuals describing the capabilities of Z-set are available here for download. If you have installed Z-set, they are already accessible via the Zman command.

Z-set manual

This is the reference manual for the FEA solver, meshing and post-processing tools. It provides the description of Z-set’s input files and documents the available commands.


Z-mat manual

The manual goes with Z-mat, the material library. It describes the constitutive equations, the various utilities and extra programs, as well as interfaces to the various FEA codes that Z-mat can work with.


Sim-Opt GUI manual

This manual gives an overview of the interactive capabilities provided by the simulation-optimization interface for material parameter identification.


Developer manual

The developer manual describes the interfaces available for developing new constitutive equations or and new FEA methods in Z-set.


Z-cracks manual

This manual covers the crack insertion and propagation tools. It also contains a tutorial case study.


Multiscale manual

This manual gathers documents on the multiscale approach, applied to multiphase and composite materials.

Z-cracks tutorial

This tutorial provides detailed instructions on how to setup fracture analysis simulations with Z-cracks software.